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Soapstone Sculptures, Antler Art 

and unique Wall Art  

My story

Michael Evans - Sculptor / Artisan

Since arriving in Canada from Sheffield, England in 2002, Michael has been inspired and influenced by the beauty of the Canadian landscape, its rich Native culture and abundant wildlife. Much of this is reflected in his creations.

A significant health event in 2014 prompted Michael to re-evaluate what was important in his life and was the tipping point in the decision to spend more time on his interests of sculpting, First Nations history and his passion for creating artisanal artwork.

In fact it was these interests that provided Michael with the spiritual strength he needed to face his health challenges and was also the inspiration for the creation of the 'Unbroken Spirit' website which represents Michael's attitude to life and also as a means of sharing his creations with others.

Giving back has also become important to Michael and a portion of all revenue is donated to Native charitable organisations.

Michael’s creativity lends itself to a number of mediums, whether it is sculpting in soapstone or creating unique artisanal artwork. Michael enjoys the challenges of working in a number of mediums but his passion is sculpting in Brazilian soapstone with wildlife creations being his speciality. He enjoys the challenges that present themselves in such an unforgiving material.

Creating this kind of art form is absorbing, intensive and demands concentration and perseverance.

Brazilian soapstone is renowned for its wonderful coloration, ranging from rich coffee browns to cool greens and often with veins of red, black or gold coloured mineral deposits and is a favourite medium for many carvers.

Being self-taught, Michael’s sculptures do not follow any prescribed carving style and this makes each of his pieces unique. He makes a connection with each piece which is reflected in the grace, strength and spirit of his sculptures.

Any of Michael's creations would make a wonderful addition to your home, cottage retreat, corporate environment or as a unique gift.

If you would like Michael to create something unique for you in any of the mediums he works in, he would be happy to discuss your ideas with you.